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'A Vanished World of Dazzle and Dreams'

Not long ago, every major high street in Greater London, from Ilford to Uxbridge, had its landmark department store. The West End was full of them – from Debenham & Freebody on Wigmore Street, to Swan & Edgar at Piccadilly Circus. But now the department store is suddenly an endangered species. We've lost an astonishing 83% in the past six years.

Bursting with original research and anecdote, illustrated with superb period photographs throughout, this unique store-by-store history brings to life a vanished era of confidence and style.

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'The Woman Who Saved The Birds'

First published in 2018 as Mrs Pankhurst's Purple Feather: Fashion, Fury and Feminism – Women's Fight for Change, this book shines a light on the interlinked (and often fractious) movements for women's rights and animal rights. Today, the need for an eco activist role model is arguably more urgent, and Etta has taken her rightful place centre stage. This is her moment.


'The Women Who Really Ran the English Country House'

 As the most senior of upper servants, the housekeeper typically carried a family's secrets with her to the grave. She ran the English country house, controlled its female servants and conserved its many treasures – and yet she has not been remembered history. Using old letters, secret diaries and neglected archives, I've resurrected a series of fascinating stories from 19th and 20th century domestic service at some of our most prominent households. 

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'100 voices on place, landscape and the natural world'

Edited by Katharine Norbury

Etta Lemon might have been excluded from the conventional conservation narrative, but she now proudly takes her place in this timely new anthology of women's writing. I'm delighted to be a voice among its many eloquent and varied contributors, from Gertrude Bell to Kathleen Jamie, Jane Austen to Melissa Harrison.o writing today.

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