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Ilminster Literary Festival

10 November 2021, 11am

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Discover the hidden story behind the RSPB - an intriguing tale of fashion, fury and feathers. Hear how Emily Williamson, Etta Lemon and Eliza Phillips fought fiercely for animal rights, awakening, for the first time, our compassion for birdlife.  Tickets £5. 

And if you're local to Ilminster, Somerset, you can follow this ONLINE LECTURE by attending a LIVE session with renowned birder Stephen Moss, on Britain's Favourite Birds at 2.45pm. Stephen's book 'A Bird in the Bush' is a brilliant social history of birdwatching in Britain.  


Manchester Art Gallery

13 November 2021, 2-3pm

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Bringing to a close a fortnight celebrating Emily Williamson of Didsbury, through art, sculpture, literature & debate. MORE INFO

AUTHOR TALK: When I asked the RSPB about their Victorian founder, they pleaded a gaping hole in the archives. To a former investigative journalist, this was an irresistible challenge...

This is the thrilling, forgotten story of the brave eco feminists who called out the fashion for 'murderous millinery,' and fought back on behalf of the birds. Moving from a polite tea party in Didsbury to an egret hunt in a Florida swamp, from a metropolitan suffragette rally to a milliner’s dusty workshop, you’ll be taken back in time to a world where every woman, of every class, wore a hat.

Afterwards: book signing of Etta Lemon: The Woman Who Saved the Birds.