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London's Lost Department Stores

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Event Details

A chance to step back in time, via fabulous period images, to a vanished era of glamour, confidence and style. We'll tour the West End like an Edwardian 'shopping woman' before heading off to the suburbs, via Gamages toy department, the flamingos in Derry & Toms roof garden and D. H. Evans' pioneering ankle reduction service. Who were the personalities behind these temples of consumption? Which invisible women broke through the glass ceiling? And what happened to Victorian shoplifters?


- 24 June 2023, 10.30am-1.15pm Society of Genealogists HALF DAY ONLINE EVENT:Our Ancestors' Shopping. I'll be joined by the archivists for Sainsbury's and Boots to bring to life the people who made the stores, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. £20/£16 for SoG members [More info]

- 5 June 2023, 7pm-8pm, Ilminster Literary Festival, Somerset [More info]

- 6 July 2023, 6.30pm - 8pm, The Art Deco Society @ ZOOM [More info]

- 5 September 2023, 7.30pm - 9pm, Worthing Antiques, Arts & Collectors Club Society @ Chichester Room, Field Place, Worthing BN13 1NP [More info]

- 18 September 2023, 7.45pm - 9pm, Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society @ ZOOM [More info]

Fashion, Fury and Feminism: Women’s Fight for Change

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Event Details

When Tessa Boase told the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds she wanted to write their early story, they refused to let her visit their archives. To a former investigative journalist, this was a challenge she could not resist . . .
           This lecture shines a light on the intriguing story of women’s love affair with plumage ­ – and of the brave eco feminists who fought back on behalf of the birds. Moving from a polite Victorian tea party to an egret hunt in a Florida swamp; from a suffragette ‘monster rally’ to a milliner’s dusty workshop, you’ll be taken back in time to a world where every woman, of every class wore a hat. 

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- 24 May 2023, 2.30pm-3.45pm, Woldingham Women in Fellowship, Oxted, Surrey [More info]


London's Lost Department Stores

16 November 2022, 7.30-9pm, The Wigmore Library, Gillingham ME8 0PX

The Invented Department Stores of London

29 November 2022, 2-3pm

Kensington: an 'Aladdin's Cave of Shopping'

Monday 12 December, 6.30-7.30pm, Kensington Library 

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