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The Royal Oak Foundation – Virtual Lecture

18th May 2021   14:00 - EDT

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A decade before the suffragette movement, a campaign to stamp out the cruel fashion for feathers in hats captured the public imagination in both England and America...


Aberdeen RSPB – Virtual Lecture

8th June 2021   19.30 GMT

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 As a young church-going woman, Etta Lemon used to name and shame ladies in the congregation who wore feathered hats, or ‘murderous millinery’. Why was her compassion for the birds later dismissed as ‘Christian ornithology’ by the men who took over the RSPB?

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Creating & Campaigning – Virtual Debate

28th June 2021   09:45 - 11:45 GMT

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Who should we commemorate – and how? A timely debate around statues organised by Swansea University. I'll be adding my voice to a diverse panel as we unpack this knotty question, and I'll be arguing why a statue of RSPB founder Emily Williamson of Didsbury will be a catalyst for change. 


Morten Booksellers, Didsbury - Live Lecture

30th June 2021   18.30 - 19.30 GMT

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Join me in-person to hear the inspiring story of RSPB founder, Emily Williamson – Didsbury’s first ecofeminist. Didsbury Baptist Church is the venue for this long-anticipated return to live literary salons, and I’ll be happily signing books after the event. 

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Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury - Live Event

1st July 2021   12:00 GMT onwards

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Today's the centenary of the Plumage Act – marked by the grand unveiling of four bronze maquettes, shortlisted in the Emily Williamson Statue Campaign. An afternoon of celebration, RSPB  events, cream teas and book signings. Visit the park, check out the statues, tell us what you think: which one should win? Portraits of RSPB founders Emily Williamson, Eliza Phillips and Etta Lemon also on display at The Parsonage, Didsbury.