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RSPB's female founders revealed: 
International Women's Day talk

10 March 2022, 7.30pm

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Why was Etta Lemon's campaign written out of the conservation narrative?

It's odd that the thrilling early history of the RSPB is only just being celebrated, because it's such a great story. Worthy, I think, of a film. We have brave Victorian eco heroines calling out the fashion for insanely feathered hats, thorns in the side of the venal plumage industry. We have Duchesses and Suffragettes, plumage hunters, impoverished feather workers, fashionista milliners, bird watchers with opera glasses, hard-nosed feather dealers... 

Hear the whole story magically brought to life, with images and gripping storytelling, at this special RSPB Zoom to mark the week the world celebrates women. 

Event hosted by RSPB Cardiff & Local Group: book your place by making a suggested donation of £5-£3 towards supporting the work of RSPB Cymru. 


Manchester Art Gallery

13 November 2021, 2-3pm

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Bringing to a close a fortnight celebrating Emily Williamson of Didsbury, through art, sculpture, literature & debate. MORE INFO

AUTHOR TALK: When I asked the RSPB about their Victorian founder, they pleaded a gaping hole in the archives. To a former investigative journalist, this was an irresistible challenge...

This is the thrilling, forgotten story of the brave eco feminists who called out the fashion for 'murderous millinery,' and fought back on behalf of the birds. Moving from a polite tea party in Didsbury to an egret hunt in a Florida swamp, from a metropolitan suffragette rally to a milliner’s dusty workshop, you’ll be taken back in time to a world where every woman, of every class, wore a hat.

Afterwards: book signing of Etta Lemon: The Woman Who Saved the Birds.