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100 voices on place, landscape and the natural world


Etta Lemon might have been excluded from the conventional conservation narrative, but she now proudly takes her place in this timely new anthology of women's writing. I'm delighted to be a voice among its many eloquent and varied contributors, from Gertrude Bell to Kathleen Jamie, Jane Austen to Melissa Harrison. 


Women on Nature presents a groundbreaking vision of the natural world; a rich and scintillating anthology that shines a light on many unjustly overlooked writers. It is also of unique importance in terms of women's history and the history of writing about nature.

Writer and editor Katharine Norbury has sifted through the pages of women’s fiction, poetry, household planners, gardening diaries and recipe books to show the multitude of ways in which they have observed and recorded the natural world.

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